She stopped at the entrance and leaned against the wall. With her spiked hair, tight black Tshirt, the swell of her ass in those black skinny jeans, and spike-heeled boots, she personified his fantasy. How could he focus on his date Sunday night when this woman stood in front of him, the picture of everything he’d wanted for months?


He stopped next to her and tried not to stare, but her beauty captivated him. Bright-green eyes, a narrow nose, and a gorgeous mouth he wanted to taste so badly he barely withstood being next to her. Keep your composure. She’s a woman. A beautiful woman…. “Hello there.”


When she glanced at him, her eyes widened just a bit. “Hi.” Then she curled her lips into a seductive smile.


“You look a little lost.”


She shrugged. “Hard to be lost when you don’t have a destination.”


Gods, her voice…. Pure, raw, Southern sex appeal. “Where are you from?”


“South Carolina. You?”


“Iceland.” He appreciated the interest in her eyes and the way she pursed her lips. “Your accent’s sexy.”


“So is yours.”


At the compliment, she actually blushed. “Thank you.”


“You’re welcome.” Shouting over the music started to get old. “Would you like to go somewhere?”


From the way her green eyes darkened, he knew her answer before she said a word.


No way they’d make it back to his room, not with the way he ached. Time for an alternative plan.

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