Worldbuilding! You should try it. It's fun!

Who are you and why are you trying to tell me what to do?

Like you, I am a writer. And I've realized that some writers have difficulty with my favorite part of the process: worldbuilding. 
A lot of people don't know where to start, and that's okay. But a lot of people don't know why they even need to worry about it, and that is NOT okay. Good worldbuilding can add a whole new element to a story. GREAT worldbuilding can elevate a story to a whole new level.
Try to imagine Game of Thrones without the rich history of the Seven Kingdoms, the long winter, the Dothraki, the Unsullied, dragons, or white walkers. It's not the same book. Those integral pieces are part of the world the main characters inhabit. 

I'm one of those people who doesn't know where to start. How can you help?

When I was a kid, I spent a lot of time taking things apart. I disassembled the TV remote, the VCR, a regular Nintendo.... Whatever I could get my hands on. I love the nitty-gritty details, to learn how stuff works. That translates into writing as well.
Why Worldbuilding is the Secret Ingredient: The Beginners' Guide is a 5-week course that will help you understand what worldbuilding is, how it affects every aspect of your story, what to consider when designing your world, and how to weave those elements into your narrative. Plus, practice makes perfect. 
I absolutely LOVE this part of the process, and I want to share that love and the knowledge I've hoarded after over 20+ years of writing. (I'm a dragon.) I've built a lot of worlds over those years, some that worked and some that didn't, and through those ups and downs, I've discovered key points that I can pass on to others. Think of me as the sherpa who will guide you on this journey.

Okay.... What do I need to do now?

Registration for the class is currently open. After you register, you need to make yourself available. This will be an intensive course, and some minor homework will be involved. Don't worry, there's no grading. You'll get out of this course exactly what you put into it, so don't short-change yourself. Worldbuilding is a critical skill, and once you've gone through Why Worldbuilding, you'll have the tools in your arsenal to take your worlds from bland to BAM! 
Course syllabus can be found here.