About the course:

Week One – Intro to Worldbuilding: What is it? And why should I do it?

October 16

  • What worldbuilding is and what it isn’t

  • Worldbuilding and your setting: Houston, I think we have a problem.

October 18

  • Worldbuilding and your characters: Who am I and how did I get here?

  • Worldbuilding and your plot: What does this button do?

October 20

  • Worldbuilding and your genre: We go together like....

  • Worldbuilding and your story: A mechanic without his tools is just a tool.

Week Two – The Basics: What you need to know and why you need to know it.


October 23

  • Know your genre.

    • You can mix and match in a thousand different ways, but you need to understand what makes genres, genres.

  • Know your story.

    • Plotters will likely have most everything nailed down. Pantsers need to have a working knowledge of their story - some beginning, mushy middle, vague end. Your world affects it all.

October 25

  • Know your (character's) role in your plot.

    • Basic plots & how your genre shapes them and your characters.


 October 27

  • Know your characters.

    • Whether you know enough to fill out a dating profile or volumes of biography, you should at least know 3 things: A name, a role, and a goal


Week Three – Playing God, pt 1: The Building Blocks of Civilization

October 30

  • Family

    • The Family (or lack thereof) Unit

    •  What do we eat? When do we eat? …Do we eat?

    •  Where do I live?

    • Gender roles & Familial bonds

  • Love and Sex

    • Sex and sexuality

    •  What is Love?

November 1

  • Science, History, Religion

    • Science and advancement—is it even allowed?

    • How is history recorded?

    • Religion, mythology, philosophy, factions, and cults

    • Doctor, Doctor: your physician and you

    • Education: Who gets to learn stuff?


November 3

  • Culture at Large

    • Language! (Bonus: Hilarious profanity, colloquial sayings, blasphemy)

    •  Transportation: Hoof it, drive it, fly (on) it? How do you get where you need to go?

    • Authorities and vagabonds: Who's in charge here? Should they be?

    • Power dynamics: Who has it and who wants it?

    • When Harry Hates Sally: cultural clashes (Bonus: How we wage war and why it matters)

    • Fashion: You’re wearing WHAT?

    • Currency and economic system: I need stuff, you have stuff, how do we trade?

    • What do I live in?: How architecture tells its own story

Week Four – Playing God, pt. 2: Constructing Your World

November 6

  • History lessons: you don't have to know it all, but you have to know enough to be dangerous.

November 8

  • How boned is your world?: Man’s inhumanity to man, nature, God, and you.

    • Radioactivity, weird-ass seasons, crazy weather? WE GOT IT ALL!

  • How hard does your world bite back?: The flora and fauna and beasties that make the world an interesting and dangerous and scary.

    • Here be Dragons, Magic Zombies, Strange Fruit, and more!

November 10

  • What in the actual world(s): Stuff. Thangs. What’s where, why, how?

    • Where you’re from and what it says about you

    • Culture, language, and tradition

    • Technology—Regardless of genre, technology is an important aspect of any society

    • Geography—Not just a category on Jeopardy!

    • Seats of Power

Week Five – Weaving the Tapestry: How does it all come together?

November 13

  • Avoiding the infodump: As you know, Bob, it’s a novel, not a history lesson.


November 15

  • How much does your reader actually need to know?

November 17

  • Showing vs. Telling: AKA the reason the Song of Ice and Fire books are soooooooo loooooooooooooooooooong

  • Clever inclusions

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